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Melbourne, Australia (OZ)

23 Dec


Dimmey's on Swan St. Melbourne, © Erin Lau 2009


Its taken me a while to get back to sketching while I’ve been in Melbourne, but now that I’m leaving for India in 2-1/2 weeks, I feel like I should share a little of this place through my sketchbook. Right around the corner from my mom’s place is the Dimmey’s store, on Swan St. It’s a Melbourne institution. Its like a low cost department store, more comparable to Kmart back in the day. The mannequins in the storefront windows are often poorly/ half dressed and the sales clerks look weary, but they have some great finds and overall Melbourne character. In addition, the building is a gem, and thats why there is currently a petition going around to try to save Dimmey’s from becoming part of a 8-11 storey apartment building. To be fair, the development would be setback from the street, presumably saving the historical facade. But the highest building on this street is only 4 storeys, 8 storeys would utterly dwarf the surrounding buildings. We hope the unique urban fabric of this part of Melbourne will be respected. More to come!

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