Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam Oct 24 2009

5 Nov

Bungalows and Garden and Puppies at Lien Hiep Thanh Erin Lau © 2009

Phu Quoq Island is a bit off the normal tourist trek, and we got there at the perfect time- low season, clear skies, warm water, and over- zealous wait staff who made you want to order yet another mango shake, just for the hell of it. After five days of lounging around on beach chairs, getting $4 massages, and swimming in crystal clear teal bath water, I felt ready to do a month of hard labor, just to balance out the utter gluttony I had been wallowing in. But there were some hardships, for instance most mornings I had to wake up to sound of 3-week-old puppies yelping outside my door, demanding to be cuddled, and struggle with them as they yanked at my sarong. In that light, I don’t recommend visiting Phu Quoc around late October, its too affordable, too relaxing and way too easy to miss your flight back to Saigon. (Actually there are some non sarcastic reasons to not go then, we did have torrential thunderstorms that caused cars to get stuck in the mud, and we did almost miss our flight because of this) But I almost forgot about that.


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