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Shanghai, China Sept 24 2009

5 Nov

View from Hotel Bund in Shanghai Erin Lau © 2009

I arrived in China yesterday morning. I wandered the streets alone before my dad arrived. Funnily, being here is like being in a crowded Chinatown that has been transplanted in the U.S., but I realize that’s a naive impression. The major difference is the insane traffic, or rather the pedestrians who navigate it. My presumptions about China have been a little overblown, I was expecting to be utterly overwhelmed in such as city as Shanghai,  pop. 18 million+, I expected the experience to hit me like the shock of a tsunami. But so far that has not been my experience. Its frenetic, and crazy, but navigable. Perhaps my ability to blend in 50% also helps. People do not like to pay attention to rules and codes of conduct, ie no smoking signs and traffic lines. which is ironic despite the utter control that the state has over other modes of expression. (like Facebook and Youtube!). Fittingly, as I checked my email in a Nokia store (couldnt find an internet cafe) a young guy came up right behind me and blatantly read my email. I glared at him, but he didnt flinch. Soon he dissapeared. My activity has been recorded. I am on file in China.

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