Granary and Dogon House, Dogon Country, Mali

19 Nov

Left- a typical granary, Right- mud dwelling at the campement © Erin Lau, 2011

We stayed at a campement, a rustic gueshouse, in the village of Endewo in Dogon Country. The drawing to the left is of a typical granary, made of mud with a straw roof, where a particular family (this one might belong to the wife) will store their grains. Inside there are various compartments for different types of grains. On the right, I drew one of the buildings at the campement we stayed at called Oumar Lagan, it was made in the style of a common dogon house, with carved wooden doors and a multitude of alcoves to put statues and other items in. I never got the full story on the purpose of the alcoves, but they seemed to be decorative.


One Response to “Granary and Dogon House, Dogon Country, Mali”

  1. Unigirl19 April 10, 2012 at 4:04 pm #

    The alcoves are to do with their beliefs on ancestors: there should, in theory, be 8 rows of 10 for the 10 generations of each of the 8 ancestors. Offerings can be left there for the ancestors although this practice isn’t really used any more.

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