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Granary and Dogon House, Dogon Country, Mali

19 Nov

Left- a typical granary, Right- mud dwelling at the campement © Erin Lau, 2011

We stayed at a campement, a rustic gueshouse, in the village of Endewo in Dogon Country. The drawing to the left is of a typical granary, made of mud with a straw roof, where a particular family (this one might belong to the wife) will store their grains. Inside there are various compartments for different types of grains. On the right, I drew one of the buildings at the campement we stayed at called Oumar Lagan, it was made in the style of a common dogon house, with carved wooden doors and a multitude of alcoves to put statues and other items in. I never got the full story on the purpose of the alcoves, but they seemed to be decorative.

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